Unlearning Together

As followers of Jesus the Christ, our call is to love. Our ethic is love. Love is our source, and love is at the heart of our identity. And yet, to live as if this were true — body, heart, and mind — will require some significant transformation.

In many ways, the kind of learning required is really UNLEARNING. The critical and difficult task of re-examining our assumptions, our patterns of behavior, our fundamental values, and the systems that we have put our faith in will be essential. To look again through the lens of the God of love is an act of ongoing courage.

We aren’t interested in throwing out the baby with the bath water. We need, more than ever, to re-examine what lies beneath the surface so we can ensure it will help us to build what is most needed for the world right now. The good news is that we won’t be facing these challenges alone. The unlearning that is before us will be best done in community.

We’re taking a journey of UNLEARNING TOGETHER this year during worship. Look HERE for the messages and scripture passages that are coming up.