Rae Guthrie

Rae (they/she) will be serving as our Seminary Intern for the 2023-2024 school year.

“I am passionate about building community and building and deepening relationships, and I am also committed to inclusivity.

“I am really interested in the intersection of ecology and theology. I desire to create experiences for folks to understand their interconnection with all things and the divine. I believe that awakening to this interconnection is key for the healing of our planet and ourselves.

“Contemplative practices are my favorite way to connect with God and others. The intentional stillness and silence provides for a deep grounding that allows me to live my faith in the world and in every day life.”

They love being outdoors doing any activity: “hiking, kayaking, and hammocking are some faves.” They like to read (“for fun! but also for school”), binge a good show, and spend time with friends and chosen family. “I am a huge science nerd and love watching documentaries and learning about all things space. My spouse, Kristen, and I love cuddling with our dog, Louie.”

Rae Guthrie seminary intern MTSO
Farm Market Manager
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