Prayer for Illumination

Prayer for Illumination

Season of Lent 2023

If praying on your own, pray both the Leader and People parts.

LEADER: You show us your more excellent way O Christ, the ways of your Kingdom you intend for us and for all people.

PEOPLE: Blessed are the poor in spirit, who inwardly are open to receive, for this is the necessary state to receive anything from God.

LEADER: Blessed are those who mourn, who allow space within themselves to be vulnerable and experience heartbreak, for in their emptiness they will touch the substance of Divine Compassion.

PEOPLE: Blessed are the meek, who face and tame the wild-animal energy and pervasive fear within, for they will inherit the earth, not destroy it.

LEADER: Blessed are those who hunger and search for righteousness, who yearn to find their deepest aliveness in God, for they will be filled with God’s presence.

PEOPLE: Blessed are the merciful, who trust and participate in the giving and receiving inherent to life with God, for they will be filled with all they need.

LEADER: Blessed are the pure in heart, whose hearts are not divided, for they will see through the eyes of God.

PEOPLE: Blessed are the peacemakers, whose hearts are gentled and undivided, for they will live compassionately among the children of God in harmony.

LEADER: Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, who have learned to trust in Divine Mercy, for in the face of hate and violence they find the freedom to live their truest self in God.

PEOPLE: Rejoice and be glad!  You are on the same pathway to life and freedom as the prophets and saints who walked before you.

LEADER: Teach us now your ways, O Lord, through the power of your Spirit that we may follow and make your life our life today.  Amen.

Source: The Beatitudes, Matthew 5:3-11, adapted with language and Insights from Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault.