Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

The Permanent Endowment Fund was established in 2002 to give members and friends of Hilliard UMC the opportunity to make a lasting gift to support ministries beyond the regular operating budget. These gifts have the power to support Hilliard UMC into the future as the investments grow, continuing God’s work beyond us, beyond today.

2020 Grants Offered

In 2020, grants were awarded in the amount of $19,485.55 toward these ministry areas:

  • Seams That Bind (our quilting ministry), to make and donate quilts to Moms2Be, a local organization that strives to empower women in high-risk neighborhoods to deliver full term, healthy babies by providing prenatal education and social support.
  • Sanctuary sound system
  • Media Team (to improve our livestreaming worship ministry)
  • Trustees (building maintenance and repairs above and beyond the operating budget)


Contributions may be received in the form of cash or check, as well as bank accounts in trust, bequests, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Lead Trusts, Life Insurance policies and/or beneficiary designations, and more. Gifts can be given to honor a living person or memorialize a deceased loved one. Your gift can provide tax or estate planning benefits as allowed by current tax law.

Your gift will benefit one or more areas within the Endowment Fund that are the most important to you — gifts to the Fund may be designated to benefit specific ministries, any or all, your choice:

  • Mission Funds, for missions in and beyond the local church and community.
  • Property Funds, for maintenance, care, improvements or additions to, or construction of physical facilities.
  • General Endowment Funds, for special needs and ministries determined by the church leadership.

Gifts may also be undesignated, to be used where needed.

Investment Policy

The Permanent Endowment Fund is overseen by a committee, and its investment policy has been approved by the Church Council. Gifts and earnings are carefully managed in order to maintain safe growth of the principal and to generate income to benefit ministry through Hilliard UMC. Assets are invested in institutions, companies, corporations, or funds that make a positive contribution toward the realization of the goals outlined in the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.

Invesment Earnings

The Permanent Endowment Committee distributes any available earnings to the congregation by way of a grant program or according to the wishes of the donor (whichever applies). The principal of the Endowment Fund remains untouched, to provide a source of income to support church ministries for years to come. Donors can be assured that their gifts provide a lasting contribution to the church.

Please prayerfully consider remembering Hilliard United Methodist Church in your will.

Each family’s finances are both personal and confidential. For that reason, you may prefer to discuss your gifts with your attorney, financial advisor, or tax consultant.

If, however, you have any questions about making a gift to the Hilliard UMC Endowment Fund, please contact the Chair of the Permanent Endowment Committee (contact information available in the church office: 614.876.2403, info@hilliardumc.org). Members of the committee are listed on the Lay Leadership list, linked at the top of this page.