Our goal in adult discipleship is to help you connect with God and with the deepest part of yourself, your divine center, and, when you’re ready, to take another step in your faith journey, whatever that looks like for you.

It’s as simple as that.

We offer classes and groups for everyone from beginners and re-starters to longtime Christians.

Which path will you take?

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The Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey is a deeply personal one. We all experience God in different ways, and we all grow at a different pace and in different ways. We invite and encourage you to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your heart.

The spiritual journey isn’t usually a linear process, either, with one step leading directly to the next. In fact, we see the spiritual journey as looking more like a spiral “love vortex“: As we experience God’s radical welcome, meaningful connections with other people of faith, personal and communal spiritual practices, and knowing and encountering God in our ordinary lives… as we let God into our hearts, we are drawn inward, into our own hearts, and deeper and deeper into the heart of God.

In fact, sometimes it may feel like we’re not doing any of the work, as we get drawn in… God simply invites us to try to be open… to surrender… to let go… as we are caught and held in the loving embrace of God.

When we surrender and accept the beauty of God’s amazing love in our lives, there’s nothing we have to do to receive or earn God’s unconditional love. Our doing in the spiritual life — prayer, worship, acts of service, generosity, Bible study, personal development, etc. — grows out of our openness to God and our willingness to surrender and be transformed by God as we experience God’s no-matter-what love.

The Gospel of John reminds us that God wants us to experience abundant life: “I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly!” (John 10:10).

So, here’s to your abundant life with God!

We encourage you to open yourself to connecting with God by signing up for a class or small group!

Staff Contact

Beth Palmer, Director of Adult Discipleship

Beth Palmer Director of Adult Discipleship