Sunday Message Series

Sunday Message Series

Join us for worship every Sunday at 9am and 10:30am in the Sanctuary and at 11:15am in Warehouse 839, in person or online (livestreaming or on demand). (You can watch on our website or on Facebook Live — Facebook instructions are HERE.)

2024 Message Series
The Great Story Continues

Great Story all 3

In 2022 we embarked on a year-long journey through the Old Testament with our Sunday message series The Great Story: Israel. In 2023 we continued The Great Story with the life of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Matthew.

We saw the arc of the story and the beautiful vision it unfolds for humanity: God is a God who wants above all to be in relationship with us and to build the Beloved Community among us here on earth.

This God continues to reveal love, presence, grace, generosity, and forgiveness not from a distance but right here with us. God comes into our world, arriving into our midst, often when we need it the most.

The Church

We turn the page to our final year of the Great Story series: the story of the church, as told to us in the Acts of the Apostles and the letters of Paul.

The story of the church is rooted in the story of Jesus, and the story of Jesus is grounded in the story of Israel that we find in the Old Testament, where we started this journey. It is truly one GREAT story that points us to a God who is revealing a love for ALL people, that we might allow this love to change us from the inside out – and that our collective transformation might bring forward God’s vision for a world where love, healing, and justice are at the core of how we live with one another.

We’re thrilled to be doing this all in partnership with Fairmont Presbyterian Church in Dayton. Their Lead Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Brian Maguire, and our Pastor April are good friends.

Sunday Messages

June 2 – Peter & Cornelius
Acts 10:1-23
Dialogue message with Pastor Jon & Nikki Buskirk, Director of Middle Grades Ministry

June 9 – Second Pentecost
Acts 10:34-48
Pastor April speaking

June 16 – Peter Rescued from Prison
Acts 12:6-11
Pastor Jon speaking

June 23 – Jerusalem Council
Acts 15:22-33
The Rev. Woody Woodward speaking

June 30 – Lydia
Acts 16:6-15
The Rev. John Hoffman speaking