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Which Path Will You Take?

Make Friends, Connect with God, Grow in your Faith…
Staff contact: Beth Palmer, Director of Adult Discipleship (bpalmer@hilliardumc.org, 614.876.2403 [church office]).

Enneagram Classes

Hilliard UMC is a hub for learning about the Enneagram, a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth! Click or tap the image for more details and resources for beginners.

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United Methodist Questions & Answers

6 Sunday mornings
February 5 – March 12
Room 303
Facilitator: Marilyn Hoeflinger

Explore questions about what United Methodists believe as a denomination (based upon scripture) and the honored traditions that accompany our faith, using F. Belton Joyner’s little book United Methodist Questions, United Methodist Answers. (Get your own copy.)

Suitable for the lifelong Methodist as well as those who are new to the denomination and desire a deeper understanding of why we do what we do.

We’ll look at some foundational questions that define our faith, from how we know God and understand the trinity, to the mystery of the virgin birth and resurrection as well as the governance of the United Methodist church.

Get your own copy of the book, if you’d like to read along, optional.

Class will meet in room 303, which is in the education wing, upstairs. (back to top)

Prayer Beads Workshop

Saturday, January 28
in person at church

Join us on Saturday, January 28, to learn how to make and pray with prayer beads. Will meet in person at church, 10am to noon.

Cost: $20 per person for supplies (for those able). You can give in any of your usual ways, just mark your contribution for “Prayer Beads Workshop.” If you pay online, use the Operating Fund option and put “Prayer Beads Workshop” in the memo field. You can also bring cash or check on Saturday, check made out to the church. We never want the cost of a class or program to prevent you from participating, so if you don’t have money this time, it’s on us, happily. And if you’d like to contribute a few extra dollars toward someone else’s supplies, we’d be honored by your support.

Facilitator: The Rev. Dr. Lisa Hess. She is Professor of Practical Theology and Contextual Ministries at United Theological Seminary in Dayton. Her husband is the Rev. Dr. Brian Maguire, Lead Pastor of Fairmont Presbyterian Church, with whom we’ve been doing The Great Story message series this last year. (back to top)

Can We Talk?

Questions about Faith

6 Monday evenings on Zoom
6:30-8pm EST
January 9 – February 13
Facilitator: Stephanie Harrell

Let’s talk BS. Belief stuff. (What did you think I meant?!) Using Larry Osborne’s book 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe — the title of the book and the topics addressed intentionally poke us, making us think about what we believe. The author refers to these beliefs as “spiritual urban legends.” In my own journey, I find myself questioning some of the same beliefs.

We think you’ll want a copy of the book (for the author’s full arguments and to explore other chapters we won’t engage), but it’s not required; you can still participate fully without reading. (back to top)

  • January 9: Chapter 1, Faith Can Fix Anything
  • January 16 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day): Chapter 4, God Has a Blueprint for My Life
  • January 23: Chapter 6, Everything Happens for a Reason
  • January 30: Chapter 5, Christians Shouldn’t Judge
  • February 6: Chapter 9, A Valley Means a Wrong Turn
  • February 13: Chapter 10, Dead People Go to a Better Place

ZOOM MEETING ID = 895 3179 0353. (Go to Zoom.us, click/tap Join / Join a Meeting, and enter the Meeting ID.) Make sure your screen name is recognizable so we know to let you in from the waiting room, especially if you haven’t signed up.

great story bible study weekly old testament fairmont presbyterian

The Great Story:
Weekly Bible Study with Fairmont Presbyterian Church

Thursday evenings on Zoom

In partnership with Fairmont Presbyterian Church in Dayton and their Lead Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Brian Maguire, our Sunday morning message series will take us on a journey through the Old Testament during 2022. (Details here.)

On Thursday evenings, Rev. Maguire will lead a weekly Bible study focused on the text for the upcoming Sunday. We approach the text from the perspective of a scholar, affirming that this text has something new to teach us about God and can help us intellectually to think about things in a new way.

  • Thursday evenings, weekly, 7-8pm, restarting September 15, on Zoom.
  • Zoom Meeting ID = 820 0253 6057. (Go to Zoom.us, click/tap Join a Meeting, and enter the Meeting ID.) Attend when you’re able; join anytime. Make sure your screen name is recognizable so we know to let you in from the waiting room. (back to top)

lectio divina Bible sacred reading

“Lectio Divina”
Bible Reading

1st & 3rd Wednesdays
in person at church
church office, room 6

“Lectio Divina” (pronounced LEK-tee-oh dih-VEEN-ah) simply means “sacred reading” — it’s a way of reading the Bible slowly and prayerfully, in small sections, to listen for what God might have to say to you. In doing so, we affirm that we will encounter God directly through this text and that it will speak directly into our lives. We approach scripture as a mystic would, listening for God’s word to us.

No experience necessary! We’ll teach you how to do it and lead you through each week.

  • First & Third Wednesdays, continuing into the fall, 12-1pm IN PERSON at church (come to the church office).
  • Facilitators: Pastor Jon Osmundson and Judy Scott. (back to top)

what they never told me in church old testament bible study scripture

What They Never Told Me in Church: Old Testament Edition

Wednesday evenings on Zoom

Rev. Brian Maguire of Fairmont Presbyterian Church also does a Wednesday evening Bible study series on some of the Old Testament texts that we’re not covering in Sunday worship this year.

  • Wednesdays evenings, weekly, 7-8pm, restarting September 14, on Zoom.
  • Zoom Meeting ID = 829 4532 7813. (Go to Zoom.us, click/tap Join a Meeting, and enter the Meeting ID.) Attend when you’re able; join anytime. Make sure your screen name is recognizable so we know to let you in from the waiting room. (back to top)


Foundational Classes

We regularly offer foundational classes to help ground your spiritual life and practice. Stay tuned to this page for details and signup links, as each class is offered.

  • Knowing Yourself, an introduction to the Enneagram, a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth.
  • Engaging the Bible, an opportunity to learn how to read and understand the Bible, using an ancient prayer practice called lectio divina (“sacred reading”).
  • Prayer & Meditation Boot Camp, for developing a consistent personal prayer practice.

Complete descriptions are listed HERE.


We don’t want the cost of books or class materials to get in the way of you taking a class, so sign up whether you have class or book money or not. Pay what you can from your heart (any amount welcome), or it’s on us, happily!

And if you’d like to contribute a few extra dollars toward a book or class materials for someone who doesn’t have money this time, we’re honored by your support, thank you! You can always contribute online here, or class facilitators will collect money at class.

Staff Contact

Beth Palmer, Director of Adult Discipleship
614.876.2403 (church office)