God Loves You… No Matter What

And we seek to be a place that loves you no matter what, too.
You matter to us, and you matter to God.



Who We Are

September 27, 2023A Note from Pastor Jon Dear Friends, I don’t know if you’re tired of hearing me say it, but I will continue to do so: I am eternally grateful to each and every single one of you. In this season of renewal for our Lead Pastor, Rev. April Blaine, you have continued to drive forward our mission and vision of sharing the love of God with all persons, No Matter What. Time and time again, you have stepped…
Walk to Emmaus

Opportunity to Serve: Walk to Emmaus

A few of our folks from Hilliard UMC are on the leadership team for the upcoming Women’s Walk to Emmaus #102 here in central Ohio. April Andrick invites us to serve and pray the weekend of October 6-8. The others from HUMC who are serving are Max Andrick, Melissa Landon, and Christina Schaffer. The Walk to Emmaus is a weekend spiritual growth retreat. You can sign up to help out in the kitchen, restock bathrooms, keep the place tidy, etc.…
over-the-counter OTC meds

Wasteful with our Prayers

September 20, 2023A Note from Beth Palmer Dear Friends, In early August I got some upper respiratory crud that has hung on FOREVER — it’s been six weeks now, and it’s still not totally gone! Here’s me at my best. (Ha.) Dry throat for a week, then the chest cough, deep and croaky, for a couple weeks. Next was the worst. head. cold. ever. The phlegm, my God, the phlegm! Then it plugged up my ears, and my hearing got…

Connecting with God and Learning How to Pray

We all want to experience a deeper connection with God… but most of us don’t really know how. And most of our spiritual life is going to be spent outside of church, so here are some ideas of some things we can do on our own to connect with God. Prayer & Meditation Boot Camp Class First, we have a great prayer class coming up at church, if you’d like to develop your own prayer practice. Prayer and Meditation Boot…



Prayer & Meditation class starts

6 Monday eveningsOctober 2 – November 67-8pmIn person at churchSanctuary buildingroom 305 Today’s scientists are revealing what people of faith have long known, that prayer and meditation are powerful tools to promote wellness, reduce anxiety, and foster healing. Studies show that a regular practice of prayer or meditation, even 5 minutes a day, can rewire the brain and change the way we react and respond in the world, helping us to be less reactive, anxious, and ashamed, and more rooted…
Wednesday community supper carry out in person free hot meal outreach

Community Supper

Free Hot Meal:Dine In orCarry Out 5:30-6:30pmWednesdays(school year)Menu listed below Volunteers are always needed. Cooks start at 3pm, setup team at 4:30pm, serving team at 5:15pm, and cleanup team and dishwashers at 6pm. We also need delivery drivers to drop off meals to a few families. Come join the fun! This community outreach meal is prepared by Hilliard UMC folks for our neighbors to share in food and fellowship. All Welcome! Invite your friends to stop by, or take them a…
faithkids faith kids children's ministry

Faith Kids

For kids age 4 – 2nd grade Wednesday evenings, school year6:30-7:30pm, with Ms. Lindsay, in person at churchMeets in room 304 (sanctuary building, education wing, upper level) or outside on the playground (outside the Sanctuary building), depending on the weather and the time of year. We follow the Hilliard Schools schedule, so if Hilliard Schools is off, Faith Kids doesn’t meet. Join us in the Social Hall for Wednesday Community Supper beforehand, serving 5:30-6:30pm! God loves us no matter what,…
Faith Finders children weekday kids

Faith Finders

Grades 3-6 Faith Finders meets Wednesday evenings, school year6:30-7:30pm, with Ms. Nikki, in person at churchMeets in the Warehouse 839 gym or outside in the Warehouse 839 parking lot, depending on the weather and time of year. We follow the Hilliard Schools schedule, so if Hilliard Schools is off, Faith Finders doesn’t meet. Join us in the Social Hall for Wednesday Community Supper beforehand, serving 5:30-6:30pm, a great opportunity to meet other families! This group will focus on community and…


Thank you for helping us change the world and show people that God loves them no matter what!