God Loves You… No Matter What

And we seek to be a place that loves you no matter what, too.
You matter to us, and you matter to God.


all will be well encouragement

All Will Be Well

January 18, 2023A Note from Pastor Jon Dear Friends, In August 2020 I wrote a Letter of Encouragement that shared my struggles with a troublesome mantra that I had learned during Basic Training in the US Army. It was three words that for so long defined the way I took on any objective or project put before me: KILL THE HILL. Kill the Hill: Revisited I invite you to go back and read that reflection from 2020. We were in…

Slowing Down

January 11, 2023A Note from Pastor April Dear Friends, I wasn’t always into poetry. I am learning to appreciate its gifts more as time passes, especially the kind of poetry that speaks plainly and clearly, and gives me space to listen to what lies within the words for me. This past Sunday, we read a poem in worship by one of my favorite writers, Jan Richardson. It was a poem written for Epiphany, which falls 12 days after Christmas. Epiphany…

A New Year

January 4, 2023A Note from Pastor April Dear Friends, Happy New Year, friends! I’ve always loved the ritual of turning the calendar into a new year. The energy that January brings with it offers a fresh start, and a chance to look ahead with renewed hope about what this year might hold. For many years now, I’ve been in the habit of taking some time to reflect on the prior year and thinking ahead into the new one. This year,…

A Blessing for the New Year

December 28, 2022A Note from Pastor April Dear Friends, As we turn toward a new year this Sunday, we offer a word of blessing from one of my favorites, Jan Richardson. May this year be filled with blessings, and may each of us be ready with open hearts to receive… Blessing the Threshold This blessinghas been waiting for youfor a long time. While you have beenmaking your way here,this blessing has beengathering itself,making ready,biding its time,praying. This blessing has beenpolishing…


Wednesday community supper carry out in person free hot meal outreach

Community Supper

Free Hot Meal:Dine In orCarry Out 5:30-6:30pmWednesdays(school year)Menu listed below Volunteers are always needed. Cooks start at 3pm, setup team at 4:30pm, serving team at 5:15pm, and cleanup team and dishwashers at 6pm. We also need delivery drivers to drop off meals to a few families. Come join the fun! This community outreach meal is prepared by Hilliard UMC folks for our neighbors to share in food and fellowship. All Welcome! Invite your friends to stop by, or take them a…
faithkids faith kids children's ministry

Faith Kids

For kids age 4 – 2nd grade Wednesday evenings, school year6:30-7:30pm, with Ms Lindsay, in person at churchMeets in room 304 (sanctuary building, education wing, upper level) or outside on the playground (outside the Sanctuary building), depending on the weather and the time of year.(If we need to move to Zoom, Faith Kids will move to Thursday evenings, same time.) Masks required for both kids and adult leaders. Join us in the Social Hall for Wednesday Community Supper beforehand, serving…
Faith Finders children weekday kids

Faith Finders

Grades 3-6 Faith Finders will meet Wednesday evenings, school year6:30-7:30pm, with Ms Nikki, in person at churchMeets in the Warehouse 839 gym or outside in the Warehouse 839 parking lot, depending on the weather and time of year. Masks required for both children and adult leaders. Join us in the Social Hall for Wednesday Community Supper beforehand, serving 5:30-6:30pm, a great opportunity to meet other families! This group will focus on community and personal outreach, while learning about the Bible…
PRIDE LGBTQ reconciling

LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group

Join seminary intern Molly Collier for a new affinity group for members of the LGBTQIA+ community — to get connected, talk about ways we have been supported by HUMC, and opportunities for growth and support from our church community. Click or tap the image for details and a signup link, so you can get on the list to be notified of future dates.


Thank you for helping us change the world and show people that God loves them no matter what!