Weekday Evenings

Weekday Evenings

Masks are still required for Children’s Ministry programming, for both children and adults. See our Covid-19 Protocols for details.

Age 4 – 2nd grade

Wednesday evenings, school year
6:30-7:30pm, with Ms Lindsay, in person at church
Meets in the social hall (sanctuary building) or outside on the playground (outside the Sanctuary building), depending on the weather and the time of year.
(If we need to move to Zoom, FaithKids will move to Thursday evenings, same time.)
Masks required.

God loves us no matter what, and God calls us to love others as we love ourselves. But learning to love ourselves is something that so many of us find challenging.

In FaithKids, we strive to build a foundation of practices, tools, and resources that our children can carry with them throughout their lives, helping them to stay connected to God’s love that surrounds each of us, never farther than their own breath. Learning practices of positive affirmations, meditation, and centering prayer are a few ways FaithKids begin to build that foundation of self love. 

In addition, FaithKids will also begin discovering what it means to love others through acts of service with those closest to them, their families at home and within the walls of HUMC.

Grades 3-6

FaithFinders will meet Wednesday evenings, school year
6:30-7:30pm, with Ms Nikki, in person at church
Meets in the Warehouse 839 gym or outside in the Warehouse 839 parking lot, depending on the weather and time of year.
Masks required.

This group will focus on community and personal outreach, while learning about the Bible and building friendships. We will wonder and learn what is means to love ourselves and to love our neighbors.

Contact Lindsay Robinson, Director of Children’s Ministry, or Nikki Buskirk, Director of Middle Grades Ministry, for details about how to connect on Zoom if necessary.