Camp: Lakeside Institute

Camp: Lakeside Institute

Lakeside Institute youth camp

The Best Week of Summer!

July 21-27, 2024

Join us for a week in the summer of growing our faith and building new relationships, up at Lakeside on Lake Erie!

All youth from finishing up 8th grade through age 20 are invited to attend.

We spend a week up on Lake Erie with youth from other churches. HUMC has several adults on staff for the week.

Lakeside Institute is really unlike other summer camps. The focus of the entire week is on relationships — with yourself, with others, and most importantly, your personal relationship with Jesus. We are in a gated community that often feels like stepping back into the “old” days, with small children walking the streets eating ice cream cones they just bought at the corner ice cream shop, sitting on the dock hanging out with new friends, playing shuffleboard during free time… just enjoying a slower pace of life. Yes, you can and will have your technology, but it’s amazing how quickly in the week you will choose to separate from it.

Parents are encouraged to show up in time for closing circle on the last day of camp, to get a small glimpse of the experience your youth has had.

We will have at least two fundraisers to offset the cost of camp, and scholarships are available as well. To apply for a scholarship, however, the youth (or someone on their behalf) must participate in the fundraisers.


  • You do not have to pay the full amount when you register, just the registration fee, and you can make payments from now until camp starts.
  • Early bird discount saves you some money.
  • Any youth than registers for early bird and participates in the fundraiser will receive an additional $25 credit towards their camp costs.


Reach out to April Andrick, Youth Director.