Nursery Care

Nursery to reopen Sunday, June 5!

Stay tuned to this space for details.

Our staff workers will care for your precious ones in the nursery. Each staff worker is trained in our Safe Sanctuaries policy and has passed a background check, and several are trained in infant/child CPR. If you’re interested in working in the nursery, please contact Lindsay Robinson.

We provide age-appropriate toys and books. For children in the Sanctuary building nursery, there is a great outdoor playground.

As we return to more in-person classes and events at church, we expect to eventually be able to offer free childcare again for events and classes (infants through third grade / age 11), usually in the same building as the event/class.

As you arrive, please sign in and provide your cell phone number, so we can text you if your child is having a rough day.

We are a peanut-free and lactose-free area with appropriate snacks available.

Staff are willing to change diapers. If you would prefer to do it yourself, please let nursery staff know when you drop off your child(ren).

Nursery Locations

The Sanctuary: Enter the church through the Social Hall door (under the portico). Walk through the Social Hall and turn left at the wall; the nursery is about halfway down the long hallway, the third door on the left.

Warehouse 839: Enter Warehouse 839 through the main entrance door (facing Main St); walk through the worship space and turn right at the far wall. The entrance to our nursery is behind the stage.