Lindsay Robinson

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Lindsay Robinson
Director of Children’s Ministry

Lindsay’s (she/her) responsibilities include Godly Play, Vacation Bible School, Safe Sanctuaries training, and much more. She leads our FaithKids group for younger children, and she supervises the nursery staff.

“As a mom of four, I know how important it is to have a children’s program at church that my kids WANT to attend, that provides foundational faith education that supports what we are already learning and practicing as a family, and that will always welcome and love my children and my family exactly as we are.”

“I am passionate about creating an environment in which children are taught practices of wonder! When they learn to wonder, they learn to listen to what God is saying to them, and then their relationship with God develops at a young age. It is my hope that this relationship with God will grow stronger as they transition into youth group and beyond.”

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“What I love about working here is that every staff member of HUMC is a real person who loves God, our church family, and the community. Everyone is truly doing everything they can to provide an environment at church where everyone feels safe and loved no matter what. It’s not just a job — we are doing life together, messes and all.”

Lindsay earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a Human Resource Concentration from Colorado Technical University. She loves nature and hiking, and she loves to take nature photos as a way of connecting with God. She is Kentucky born and raised (let’s chat about grits, horse country, and all things C-A-T-S!).

Lyndsay and her kids at “Summer of Love” VBS 2021
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