Stand Up & Go Gold!

Stand Up & Go Gold!


May 10, 2023
A Note from Robin Ozbolt

Dear Friends,

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In our preschool world, colors are a topic of conversation on a daily basis. What is your favorite color? Can you share the red crayon? My dress is pink! My shoes are green!

But when does a color represent much more than a shade on the spectrum of colors?

The Color Gold

The color gold has been on all of our minds this year. Gold is a precious metal, but it also represents the precious children that are courageously fighting childhood cancer. Gold also represents the parents that walk alongside their child, fighting with them every step of the way.

We have a little warrior in our midst this school year. Olivia was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia prior to the beginning of 2022-2023 school year. She has fought. She has struggled. And she continues to be the precious, amazing child of God that we all know her to be.

Her school year looks a bit different this year. Due to her immune system, she has only been able to attend in person one day of this school year. Olivia made the most of this day, as she crafted, laughed, played, and just had the chance to be a student again.

The remainder of the school year has been done through FaceTime, where she has been able to join in circle time and spend time with her teachers and friends.

Community of Love & Support

We are blessed to be in a community of love and support within our extended preschool family. It is our hope that Olivia and her family never feel as if they are walking alone. The preschool staff has decorated the playground in yellow and gold to support Olivia. Her mom tells us that her face lit up when she saw the decorations that were just for her.

Classmates and fellow students have made cards and pictures to support Olivia. Gift cards and small gifts have been collected to show support. Prayers have been said and will continue to be said for this family.

Through the generosity of members of the congregation, we have been able to offer Olivia and recently her sister a full scholarship this year. One less burden on their plate.

Stand Up & Go Gold

You see, when you decided to walk alongside someone that is on a journey they never would have imagined with their child, you simply stand up or go home. We decided to stand up and go GOLD!!!

We are all blessed to be in this church community, where people care, encourage, and support one another.

A place where the little things you do for one another do not go unnoticed.

A place where you never have to feel as though you are walking your journey alone.

This weekend we will be passing out gold ribbons at worship, as a reminder to pray for Olivia and her family. We encourage you to stand up and go GOLD with us.


Robin Ozbolt
Preschool Director

Robin Ozbolt