It felt safe, it felt like family, it felt like love…

It felt safe, it felt like family, it felt like love…


September 21, 2022
A Note from Lindsay Robinson

Dear Friends,

What do you want to be for Halloween?

This is a question that I don’t think I’ve ever had to actually ask my own children. Other kids? Absolutely. My children, on the other hand, have been telling me what they wanted their costumes to be since before last Christmas.

Sometimes the costume requests are simple and thankfully easy to accomplish. Others leave me trying to figure out if it’s even possible and hoping that I can find a creative way to get the job done, or else end up feeling like a Halloween costume dream crusher.

Naturally, as my kids share their candy-coated costume plans with me, I think back to those of my own childhood.

LIndsay Robinson childhood costume Halloween

My mom, Janet, seemed to always find a way to be a costume dream maker, no matter what my request was.

If memory serves me correctly, throughout the years my costumes included a crayon, a clown, a rock star, a butterfly, a witch, and a Hersey Kiss, although I do hold some resentment toward that last one. I won’t go into details, but it involved cardboard, balloons, and a lot of aluminum foil, and it left me unable to fit through doors.

But the perfect costume was only part of what would make or break Halloween for most kids. The other key components were where you went Trick or Treating to get the quality candy, who you went with, and if you were able to go to an additional event that would inevitably improve the size of your candy haul.

My brother and I were lucky — our church had an annual Halloween party for kids. We would dress up in our costumes and join our friends for carnival style games, bobbing for apples, crafts, and candy! It was so much fun (once I got through the doors)!

I have such vivid memories of that place. I can remember how it smelled, the sound of everyone running around on the hard tile floors, and the youth and adults who were there to make us smile, run the games, and pass out candy.

Lindsay Robinson childhood Halloween costume

But it wasn’t just about candy, it felt safe.

It felt like family.

It felt like love.

When my own children were old enough to start going Trick or Treating, I felt overwhelmed. We didn’t live in a neighborhood, so we had to find a place to go. The weather was always daunting. Would it rain, snow, or be in the 70s? Ohio weather is a challenge.

How would I navigate four kids in the dark, in a neighborhood that wasn’t my own, in potentially (but probably) horrible weather.

And then, my son’s preschool, which at the time was actually part of an assisted living community, sent home a note about their Trick or Treat event with the residents. This was exactly what I was looking for!

It was indoors, so the weather was no longer a concern. It was in an assisted living and nursing home community, which was very safe and familiar to us.

And not only were my kids able to have fun in their costumes and get a sizeable candy haul, but more importantly, they got to interact with the residents, many of whom did not have regular visitors. For that night, it was like the residents were surrounded by family. They would comment on the kids’ costumes, and there were so many shared laughs and smiles.

It felt safe.

It felt like family.

It felt like love.

This year, we have an opportunity to be a place where kids and families can form one of those core memories.

Trunk or Treat!

We will be hosting our very own Trunk or Treat event on Saturday, October 15, from 2-3pm in our parking lot.

Trunk or Treat Halloween children

This is where you come in!

Our goal is to have around 30 vehicles with decorated trunks, friendly faces, and of course yummy treats for all those crayons, clowns, rock stars, butterflies, witches and Hersey Kisses (there are no doors to navigate outside!).

If decorating a trunk and passing out candy doesn’t sound like something that would bring you joy, there are other ways you can engage! We will need volunteers to help set up, let families know where park, give directions, and clean up — you can go to our SignUp Genius for all the other ways to join in on the fun!

Together, we can make a space where families feel safe, feel a part of the HUMC family, and feel loved, no matter what. I hope you’ll consider participating!

With Wonder and Love,


Lindsay Robinson
Director of Children’s Ministry
Crayon, Clown, Rock Star, Butterfly, Witch, and Hersey Kiss

Lindsay Robinson, Director Children's Ministry Children kids child
Lindsay Robinson, Director of Children’s Ministry