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Why We Chose HUMC

November 1, 2023A Note from the Rev. Melonie Harnish Dear Friends, I have been attending for the last year but most of you do not know me — my name is Melonie Harnish, and I moved to Hilliard in June 2022. I am a retired United Methodist Elder (pastor) in full connection with the West Ohio Conference. I have been retired since July 1, 2021, after serving in West Ohio for 34 years. I have been married to Sam for…
PRIDE LGBTQ reconciling

Pride, Prejudice, & Pronouns

June 21, 2023A Note from Pastor April Dear Friends, I remember the first few times I heard people introduce themselves and include their gender-related pronouns. “My name is Greg and I use he/him pronouns.” I was confused. Why was he stating something that (in my mind) appeared to be obvious? Shortly after, I began to see friends introducing themselves with pronouns I was less familiar with. “I’m Jane and I use they/them pronouns.” Now, my English grammar lessons from school…
Israel Pilgrimage Southern Steps Pastor Jon

Pastor Jon’s Pilgrimage to Israel

July 27, 2022A Note from Pastor Jon Dear Friends, 50 Days of Embodiment We are deep into our 50 Days of Embodiment here at HUMC in this season of Pentecost. This has been a time when we have been encouraged to live into our faith as Christians in a full body experience. Speak the prayers, meditate, walk, even lay ourselves prostrate, falling flat on our face before God as an act of humility and reverence. I hope and pray you…