Nikki Buskirk

Nikki Buskirk director middle grades ministry
Nikki Buskirk
Director of Middle Grades Ministry

Nikki’s ministry is with children in grades 3-6. She (she/her) leads our Faith Finders group, and she’s a Godly Play storyteller and a Godly Play Trainer with the Godly Play Foundation.

“The acceptance and the family-type structure is one of my favorite things about working at HUMC. They are more than just my coworkers — they are also my friends and family. I know that I’m safe here. Beyond that, it’s about the support and confidence building they give me, so that I can reach my own goals in making the world more equal, so that the kids I work with can grow into adults who can be their authentic selves.”

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Nikki finds great joy in gardening. She loves having her hands in the dirt, planting the seeds, growing the plant and taking care of it… seeing that work turn into food that we store for nourishment for the family. “It’s how I see my work. I have the privilege of helping children grow into fully realized disciples of Christ that will nourish the world with God’s love and acceptance.”

Nikki has a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in Agriculture Education, with minors in Integrative Medicine and Human Sexuality. She and her husband Tyler are parents to Sawyer, Oliver, and Silas.

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