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A New Year

January 4, 2023A Note from Pastor April Dear Friends, Happy New Year, friends! I’ve always loved the ritual of turning the calendar into a new year. The energy that January brings with it offers a fresh start, and a chance to look ahead with renewed hope about what this year might hold. For many years now, I’ve been in the habit of taking some time to reflect on the prior year and thinking ahead into the new one. This year,…

A Blessing for the New Year

December 28, 2022A Note from Pastor April Dear Friends, As we turn toward a new year this Sunday, we offer a word of blessing from one of my favorites, Jan Richardson. May this year be filled with blessings, and may each of us be ready with open hearts to receive… Blessing the Threshold This blessinghas been waiting for youfor a long time. While you have beenmaking your way here,this blessing has beengathering itself,making ready,biding its time,praying. This blessing has beenpolishing…