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Gospel of Matthew Recordings

During this holy week, we invite you to take some time to experience the Gospel of Matthew as a whole, read by our pastors and other folks from both Hilliard UMC and Fairmont Presbyterian Church, our partner for The Great Story. Hearing the whole Gospel read straight through, from start to finish, can be a powerful experience! The Readers

The Bible

January 15, 2023A Note from Pastor April Dear Friends, I’ve had an evolving relationship with the Bible over my life. As a child, I found the stories presented to me on flannel boards mildly interesting. Aside from the story of Jonah and the whale (a favorite of mine), I wasn’t particularly drawn in by the church services or Sunday School lessons. Jesus seemed like a nice guy, but very distant from my actual life. I did, however, read my Bible…

Everyone is entitled to God’s amazing love & grace

July 6, 2022A Note from Shiloh Abner Dear Friends, I believe with every generation, it gets more complicated to raise a child. More and more families are getting away from the church and consequently God because of bad theology and out-of-context scripture. What a refreshing time it was to move to Ohio and find a church that believed that everyone is entitled to God’s amazing love and grace. Coming from previous churches that held on to “traditional” stances on social…