Everyone is entitled to God’s amazing love & grace

Everyone is entitled to God’s amazing love & grace


July 6, 2022
A Note from Shiloh Abner

Dear Friends,

I believe with every generation, it gets more complicated to raise a child. More and more families are getting away from the church and consequently God because of bad theology and out-of-context scripture.

God loves you no matter what

What a refreshing time it was to move to Ohio and find a church that believed that everyone is entitled to God’s amazing love and grace.

Coming from previous churches that held on to “traditional” stances on social issues made it hard to truly feel at home in God’s house.

Hilliard UMC has been a sight for sore eyes for my daughters, Savannah and Kennedy, and myself.

Not only are they getting exposed to the deep root of God’s love, but they’re experiencing the Bible and The Great Story through Godly Play.

two girls playing on playground

This has been a game changer for Kennedy, especially, as she does have some sensory stuff she deals with on a regular basis.

Both Savannah and Kennedy have found friends through Faith Finders and Faith Kids, respectively. Kennedy is excited to move into Faith Finders and has enjoyed the events she’s been able to attend this summer.

It has been a blessing to become a member of a church that truly lives by the mission statement that “God loves you, no matter what.”

I will never forget the night Savannah came home from Faith Finders and told me about meeting with a member of the LGBTQ+ community via zoom. That night was such a foundational night, not only for Savannah but for me as well. This evening was able to open the conversation with Savannah about inclusion, but it also provided insight for me. She was able to explain and teach me things that I had previously not known or understood.

I don’t know that the words thank you will ever be enough for all the support, love, and foundation building Lindsey and Nikki put into the Children’s Ministry.

They are truly helping our kiddos create a strong foundation of loving everyone.

They lean into these kids and not only help them to be the most authentic versions of themselves, but they also teach them how to love and include the other people in the room. This kind of vision and nurturing really gives me hope.

VBS Vacation Bible School kids children

Next week, my girls are very excited to be joining more than 60 other children for Vacation Bible School. This will be a fun-filled week of learning and growing, alongside new and old friends. I can’t wait to hear the conversations we will be having after each day!

It’s not too late to register your kids or sign up to volunteer.

Click or tap the Rocky Railway VBS image for details and signup links.

There are lots of ways to help out directly with the kids next week or behind the scenes. It takes a lot of people to pull off the best week of summer for these kids!

With gratitude,

Shiloh Abner

Shiloh Abner
shiloh.abner at me.com