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The Courage to Be

October 18, 2023A Note from Courtney Wiater Dear Friends, I have always liked to stay busy. Not always productive, but always busy. All throughout my high school and college career, I was at the school 12 or more hours daily, participating in classes, band, choir, theater, and other extracurriculars. In my social life, I would go from one activity to the next, rarely pausing or just staying home to rest. As I entered my first few years as a teacher,…

Everyone is entitled to God’s amazing love & grace

July 6, 2022A Note from Shiloh Abner Dear Friends, I believe with every generation, it gets more complicated to raise a child. More and more families are getting away from the church and consequently God because of bad theology and out-of-context scripture. What a refreshing time it was to move to Ohio and find a church that believed that everyone is entitled to God’s amazing love and grace. Coming from previous churches that held on to “traditional” stances on social…